Level Up Founders

Dr. Jason Selk
Dr. Ellen Reed
Ed Han
Kelly Berger

Dr. Jason Selk has combined forces with veteran Silicon Valley high tech entrepreneurs, Kelly Berger and Ed Han, with experience building multiple hundred million dollar companies with the mission to make proven mental toughness and high performance training available to the masses.

While Dr. Selk's clients pay thousands of dollars per hour, we are on a mission to build a customized, digital success coaching program guided by Dr. Selk accessible to anyone with goals like:

  • Advance in your career working fewer hours with less pressure and your ideal work life balance
  • Play high school varsity, be nationally ranked, get recruited by D1 college programs, make the pros, be a perennial all-star
  • Feel emotionally unburdened by your sport, job or roles like parent, spouse by reducing stress, anxiety, nerves and simply have more fun
  • Build the ultimate weapon for success in your sport, career and in life: self-confidence

The decision to work with Dr. Selk is among the most important and impactful I've ever made. In just over a year I've increased my income over 5x, have lost half my body fat (literally half), and wake up each day with a focus, optimism, and drive that I hadn't experienced since I was a young, hungry 21-year-old. There are a lot of resources out there. Many are quite good. But if I could tell my younger self to only listen to one success strategist it would be Dr. Selk, no questions asked.
David Roller, Partner at Galileo Ventures

About Dr. Jason Selk

While serving as the Director of Mental Training for the St Louis Cardinals, Dr. Jason Selk helped the team win their first World Series in over 20 years, and in 2011 he assisted the Cardinals in the historic feat of winning their second World Championship in a six-year period. Since then, Dr. Selk has a proven track record achieving next level success for Olympians to pro athletes in multiple sports to venture capitalists to business executives.

A licensed mental health professional, Dr. Selk earned his Doctorate in counseling and sport psychology at the University of Missouri. A regular contributor to Forbes and Inc., he has been featured in such publications as Success, Men’s Health, Shape, Self, and USA Today, and on television and radio shows on CNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and ESPN.

His latest book Relentless Solution Focus was published in January 2021. Selk’s earlier book, Executive Toughness, was ranked one of the best career development books ever published by Book Authority. His first book, 10-Minute Toughness, is on pace to be one of the best-selling sports psychology books of all time, while Organize Tomorrow Today was ranked as a top best-selling business book of 2016 by CEO Read. And in 2018, his book Lead Any Team to Win was recognized by Bloomberg as one of the top ten best leadership books of the year.

About Dr. Ellen Reed

Dr. Reed’s book Relentless Solution Focus, written with Dr. Selk, was released in January 2021, and it has since hit the bestseller list several times.

Ellen has extensive experience in mental training for consistency, accountability, and execution in business, athletics, academics, and the performing arts, having worked side by side with Dr. Jason Selk for over 10 years. Dr. Reed helps numerous business teams and leaders, athletes, and students reach their peak performance through developing the mental toughness necessary for success.

Dr. Reed utilizes her in-depth knowledge and experience to help people overcome obstacles and outperform the competition. Ellen, an athlete with a professional dance company for over 15 years, brings a unique background combining academic training and high pressure performances. She also has substantial teaching experience in the university setting, and her background in both academia and the performing arts allows her to apply mental training techniques to success in business, academics, and athletics.