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Dr. Jason Selk
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“Jason has had such a huge impact on my life since meeting him back in 2011. I am loving the app and how simply it is organized and designed. I am looking forward to sharing the app with others and utilizing it to continue my relentless pursuit of greatness!”
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Performance Coaching with Daily Practice for More Success and Less Stress

Level Up is the only performance coaching platform that teaches you Dr. Jason Selk’s proprietary cognitive-science-driven, 3-minute 40-second daily ritual to live the best life you can by dramatically reducing stress, anxiety and dissatisfaction because of poor executive function, perfectionism and low motivation.

Transforming yourself and living with purpose requires a winning game plan AND daily practice. Through masterclass video lessons and hands-on, interactive activities, you will improve your self-confidence, create your life vision and goals, and prioritize your most importance daily activities to become the best version of yourself. And you will achieve results for a fraction of the cost of one-to-one coaching.

How and Why Level Up Works
Much like traditional education, learn core principles driven by over two decades of cognitive science research by Dr. Jason Selk. Topics are succinct (3-5 minutes on average versus 10-30 minutes on services like Masterclass), cover only learnings for building up to Dr. Selk’s proven and unique 3-minute 40-second daily ritual for success, health and happiness. Then lessons continue to drive deeper understanding of brain science, human behavior and ways to use that knowledge to your advantage.
UNLIKE Web 2.0 online education and reading self-improvement books or listening to podcasts, Level Up is a first-of-its-kind learning platform that truly mirrors the only way that humans have MASTERED new skills. Think of how you’ve learned to play tennis, an instrument, perform surgery — learning starts with instruction from a coach or teacher followed by IMPLEMENTATION and practice through chunking of the overall skillset. Similarly, each lesson will be followed by a hands-on implementation of that chunk in the Level Up app.
Implementation isn’t limited just to practicing new concepts. Again like the real world, you MUST evaluate constantly. Dr. Selk’s daily template for excellence drives continuous self-evaluation along with data and artificial intelligence-driven big picture review every two weeks once you have mastered the 3-minute 40-second ritual. Down the road, live coaches trained by Dr. Selk can get involved to drive performance to yet a whole new level.
The final phase of learning that passive methods can’t deliver ever is to put it all together. When you learn tennis, you may learn the forehand separately from the serve and the volleys. Knowing each type of shot does not make you a great tennis player. You MASTER the game when (through Learning, Implementation and Fine-Tuning) you are able to EXECUTE all your shots, footwork, strategy, fitness and mental fortitude all together. None of this happens without continuous coaching and feedback, so Level Up is with you every step of the way.
What’s Expected of You

Like the final phase of L.I.F.E., you must EXECUTE every day. As legendary coach John Wooden said it best, “Nothing will work unless you do.” And while your success, health and happiness are the highest priority, realistically whatever program you incorporate into your life likely will not be given the amount of time commensurate with its importance.

Whether that is how it should be or not, that’s reality and expecting you to spend hours a week reading, listening, meditating, visualizing, breathing, etc. simply is not realistic. Life is BUSY. And if there is one principle that lives above all else in Dr. Selk’s coaching, it’s to NEVER OVERCOACH based on the principle of channel capacity (covered in the program).

So while Level Up isn’t structured to require hours of work each week, we do expect that in the first 2-3 months you spend 5-10 minutes in the Level Up app almost every day — ideally 5x a week (7 is not necessarily better) and never less than 3x. You’ll never spend more than that per day, as eager as you may be, you will be limited to working on one chunk each 24-hour session. After you’ve learned the 3-minute 40-second daily ritual, most days you may only spend that much time in the app — and only every few days you may be shown a new lesson or a deeper dive into your progress evaluation.

So start your journey today and commit to a better life — if the word that creeps into your mind is later, LATER means NEVER in most cases. If life feels more empty than it should and you are HUNGRY, what do you have to lose? Give us 5-10 minutes for 10 sessions ENTIRELY FREE and walk away if you don’t feel an IMMEDIATE positive impact for your entire day.

Results 100% Guaranteed
Results are guaranteed — try first 10 lessons entirely free with no payment method needed to experience impact for yourself. Cancel anytime and receive a prorated refund for the remaining days in your subscription, no questions asked.
About Jason Selk

Dr. Jason Selk is considered one of the top performance coaches in the United States. From hall of fame professional and Olympic athletes to Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 executives and organizations, Dr. Selk coaches individuals, teams and entire organizations for high-level success via speaking engagements, private coaching and Level Up to reach all corners of the world.

About Dr. Ellen Reed
Dr. Reed, co-founder of Level Up, has extensive experience in mental training for consistency, accountability, and execution in business, athletics, academics, and the performing arts, having worked side-by-side with Dr. Jason Selk for over 10 years. Dr. Reed’s book Relentless Solution Focus, written with Dr. Selk, was released in January 2021, and it has since hit the bestseller list several times.
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